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Best Cat Foods for Sensitive Stomachs
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Updated: December 19, 2019
Cat with sensitive stomach
Worrying that your cat is not eating well is one of the most common causes of anxiety for cat owners. If you find that your cat is having a hard time cutting down on food or is not eating enough, it may be time to explore other options. Making the move to one of the best cat foods for sensitive stomachs can really make a difference to the happiness of your cats and yours.

While foods for cats with sensitive stomachs generally aim to contain fewer nutrients that cats have a hard time digesting, they vary widely, as do the individual sensitivities of your cats. Overall, we’ve found Royal Canin Digest to be the best cat food for sensitive stomachs.

We recommend ..
Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy for Canned Cats
The best canned option

Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Sauce cat food

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Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Dry Adult Cat Food
The best dry option

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Adult

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Canned Cat Food Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Loaf in Sauce
The best choice of bread

Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Loaf Dry cat food

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Worried about your cat’s eating habits, you should always prioritize a visit to the vet. These are the only people who can reliably guide you to the root cause of sensitivity. However, if you’re looking for cat food options for sensitive stomachs, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our best options.

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The is the best food for cats with sensitive stomachs
Do you know the cause of your cat’s sensitive stomach, so much the better, you know what to look for. If not, stick with us and we’ll discuss some of the common causes of sensitive stomachs in cats a little further down.

Now that you’ve seen a quick rundown of the products we recommend, it’s important to learn a bit more about each one. Here are our top 5 cat foods for sensitive stomachs, each with their own little benefits.

  1. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Sauce
    Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy for Canned Cats
    Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Sauce cat food
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    Royal Canin is loved by experts and professionals for its incredible formulas that balance high quality ingredients with healthy eating.

Designed fully for cats with sensitive digestive systems, this wet cat food offers a 100% complete nutritional regime. Take a look at the protein to content ratio and you’ll quickly realize that no other cat food manufacturer comes close to such an impressive contrast.

This cat food promises the perfect macronutrient profile, which means fat, protein, and carbohydrate are perfectly balanced to provide your cat with a delicious, stomach-friendly meal.

The special digestion formula also helps reduce stool odor and maintain ideal weight.

It’s very appetizing, and as a result, our two cats are crazy about the stuff. We have never been able to find a cat food that surpasses Royal Canin in quality in almost every department, and food for sensitive stomachs is the same story.

We cannot recommend this food highly enough, we know how disturbing it can be to see your cat vomiting after almost every meal and the results we saw when switching to Royal Canin were super impressive.

  1. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach dry food for adult cats
    Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Dry Adult Cat Food
    Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Adult
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    We have prefixed our sensitive stomach review BLUE with a quick review. If you suspect that grain is the cause of your cat’s digestive problems, you should prefer a more suitable wet cat food or a more suitable dry cat food.

This food contains grains, which is not a bad thing either way, but if your cat has shown a sensitivity to foods that contain whole grains, they will probably be wasting their time and money trying another one.

With that out of the way, it’s a great feed Dry cat ure for sensitive stomachs. There are no derived foods, which means you get very high quality meat protein (32% minimum!) And a host of minerals and antioxidants that support your cat’s immune system.

The blue buffalo has an excellent reputation among cat owners for producing a wide variety of delicious food at very reasonable prices. It’s no different.

Boneless chicken cuts drive cats crazy, and corn, wheat, or soy products are not included to minimize potential disturbance.

While we probably prefer wet food over dry food for a sensitive stomach, this is a perfectly viable option for cat owners who prefer to feed them dry food. Just make sure your cat is well hydrated at all times to improve digestion.

  1. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Bread
    Canned Cat Food Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Loaf in Sauce
    Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Loaf Dry cat food
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    Another wet cat food for m Royal Canin! This bread in sauce varies
    The above chicken recipe is ideal for cats who often get sick from the rush to eat.

The different texture of the bread prevents cats from ingesting their food and causing digestive problems. It also produces a great variation in the type of food to make things a little more exciting for your cat.

Its relatively low calorie count is also great for cats to maintain a healthy weight, which can also have a positive impact on their eating habits.

You get exactly the same level of nutrition and highly digestible protein that is great for cats with sensitive stomachs!

This top quality wet cat food could be the solution to your worries. We recommend that you introduce it gradually with a food with which they are familiar. The change in texture can sometimes affect cats a bit if you switch directly from one type of food to another.

  1. Purina ONE for sensitive skin and stomach for cats
    Purina ONE Dry Cat Food Sensitive Skin & Stomach
    Purina ONE Dry Cat Food Sensitive Skin & Stomach
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    Another well-known brand, another great cat food for sensitive digestive systems. Purina always produces very high quality cat food and we are happy to see that they have made one especially for sensitive stomachs.

The clue is in the name of that. The specially formulated “Sensitive Systems” cat food provides several minerals and vitamins that support your cat’s digestion and immune system.

Because it comes from a well-known brand, you get high quality nutrition and foods that are significantly cheaper than any prescription alternative. It’s a well balanced option for those who prefer to feed dry food, and the number one ingredient is peacock.

We have heard many stories from owners who have finally seen success in preventing vomiting by switching to this adult cat food, each of which is now considered the best cat food to stop vomiting.

  1. Hill’s Science Diet Food for Sensitive Skin and Stomach Cats for Adults
    Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Chicken Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food
    Hill’s Science Diet Food for Sensitive Skin and Stomach Cats for Adults
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    Finally, we have Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive. We don’t need to go into details about the Hill brand as we’re sure you’ve heard of it before (if you haven’t, where have you been?).

They produced another great cat food and thus earned a spot on our list of cat food for sensitive eaters. Rich in a proven antioxidant blend of vitamins C and E, it supports healthy digestion and soothes upset stomachs.

Its omega-6 fatty acid content also promotes good coat and skin health, so you get more for your dollars.

The 100% Money Back Guarantee means you can try this food risk-free. If they are so confident in their abilities, we think that says a lot about the quality of the food itself.

They have an excellent reputation for their scientific foods that provide healthy nutrition and address common cat complaints – this one is among the best.

How Can Cat Food Help With A Sick Stomach? sible?
Cat food for sensitive stomachs has been carefully prepared to reduce the risk of negative reactions and subsequent vomiting.

Due to the risk of an upset stomach, they generally avoid containing meat byproducts as a source of protein. Byproduct meats aren’t bad for your cat, but with cheaper foods and brands the sources are sometimes questionable. Sticking to a co nocida brand results in higher quality cat food that is much less likely to cause your cat’s digestive system to worsen.

On top of that, most of the best cat foods for sensitive consumers avoid corn and other grain-based ingredients. While grains aren’t necessarily bad for your cat’s health, they aren’t necessarily part of their diet, and the inclusion of grains and carbohydrates in cat food can often lead to irritation.

If you have reason to believe that grain is the cause of your cat’s upset stomach, you should consider moist foods rather than dry foods.

Providing foods specially designed for cats with sensitive stomachs can do wonders in restoring healthy diets and higher quality of life.

What to not a cat with a sensitive stomach?
First of all, it largely depends on your cat’s individual sensitivity. This can range from a cat that experiences problems due to excessive consumption of dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.) to a cat that rejects grains and wheat outright.

Your cat might even have trouble digesting a single food coloring or food additive and vomiting it up.

As mentioned above, any concerns about your cat’s eating habits or her sensitivity to common cat foods should be raised with your veterinarian. They can guide you to determine the cause of the problem and give you advice on what to try next.

However, in most cases, avoid things that aren’t necessary in a cat’s diet if you don’t know what the cause is. Carbohydrates, while not harmful in themselves, are
it is not a natural part of a cat’s diet.

Dog owners find it much easier in this regard; They have limited ingredient dog foods that are designed to remove all the ingredients that are not necessary to find out what is causing the problem. Limited ingredient foods are not as readily available for cats, and while sensitive stomach foods are also available for dogs, just like the cat variants discussed here, limited ingredient foods are generally preferred for dogs. find the right one. cause of stomach upset.

It’s scary to think about, but the only carbohydrates wild cats eat come from the contents of their prey’s stomachs (eeew!).

If you have extraordinary patience, you can gradually reintroduce certain ingredients that you have eliminated from your diet to discover the cause of the intolerance.

How can I prevent my cat from vomiting after eating?
In addition to a sensitive tummy, eating in a hurry can also lead to unwanted side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea.

To combat this, you’ll want towatch closely your cats’ eating habits. When switching to cat food for sensitive stomachs, you may also want to switch to smaller portions.

If you are guilty of not controlling portion sizes (most cat owners do!), Then you should read the recommended servings on the manufacturer’s website. With this knowledge, you can even invest in an automatic cat feeder that will take care of the portion sizes for you.

Smaller portions paired with a transition to cat food for sensitive stomachs should at least give you some indication of the cause, if not resolve it entirely.

If your cat has regular hairballs, a sensitive stomach will not be the cause of vomiting after all.

You can clean your cat to reduce the chances of hairball formation and even look for foods that specialize in their reduction.

Remember to try different things over time. Never completely change a cat’s diet without a transition phase. Most experts recommend a transition phase of at least about a week.

In terms of food, you can switch to the new food by mixing 20% ​​of the new food with 80% of the old one. Make your movement gradually until you reach 100% new things.

How can i help a cat with a sensitive stomach?
Not knowing how to best help your cat can be frustrating. Here are some tips that can make your job easier.

Our first recommendation would be to make sure they are getting enough water. Cats that eat mostly wet food are generally fine in this department, but it doesn’t hurt to have fresh water all the time.

Those giving dry cat food should be a little or more focused on your cat’s eating habits. Try a cat water cooler if your cat doesn’t seem as interested in their bowl. These help attract cats with a slight dripping sound and keep the water oxygenated and fresh for up to a week at a time.

Less treats
If you feed your cat treats, try to rule them out as the cause of the tender stomach. You might have the sweetest sensitive stomach cat food in the world, but a handful of rich treats a day would still cause discomfort.

Treats should never be more than 10% of a cat’s daily calorie intake, so be sure not to overdo it.

Try to reduce stress
Cats seem pretty relaxed, but there are many environmental factors that can cause stress and disrupt your cat’s eating habits.

If your cat has recently fought for territory, he may feel uncomfortable and not eat a healthy diet if the food is right next to a door or entrance to the house.

Place food and water in a place that is not frequently disturbed, preferably near toys that you are comfortable with. This should give them reassurance and allow them to enjoy their food without worry.

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