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A cat harness and a leash is an item you should have on hand in an emergency. And before an emergency becomes a necessity, you need to teach your cat to wear and stay in a harness.

Why a cat harness?
If you have to leave your home for any sort of emergency, you should use a harness and leash on your cat as well as your dog (and small pets, like ferrets and rabbits). Having crates for your cats is important, but remember that they’ll be scared if you rush to get them in or out of their crates. Sensing an emergency, sometimes they try to run away. Cats, in particular, can be scared enough to take off, especially when you’ve reached a strange destination.

Leashes are also mandatory, of course.

Good news and bad news
There is good news and bad news when it comes to cat harnesses. I’ll give you the bad news first:

The bad news is there is nothingthing as a determined cat, and if your cat is determined to step out of the best cat harness in the world, they will.

Cat on a leash


The happy news is a) that there are nearly perfect cat harnesses that make it harder for your cat to escape; and b) that you can train your cat to use the harness voluntarily by associating the harness with positive rewards before needing to use the harness in an emergency.

I’ll never forget when I took my new cat out to the yard. He was wearing a small dog harness, snug around his chest, and a leash. Within 10 seconds of closing the door behind us, my cat disappeared. It happened pretty fast, I don’t know how he did it, but he backed out of the harness and ran to the nearest tree, as fast as he could escape.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used a harness meant for a dog, but the real problem with what I tried to do was that I didn’t train my cat to wear the harness; he had never even seen it before.

Buy your cat a dedicated cat harness
Most small harnesses are for small dogs and cats, so there aren’t many dedicated cat harnesses on the market. But a good dedicated cat harness will have specific elements that will stand up to your cat’s efforts to get out!

You should make sure that the harness covers lots of the cat’s body from its neck to its middle or beyond and that the ties are secure, but not too tight, around it. A middle and neck closure helps a lot to keep the harness in place.

Before purchasing a cat harness, be sure to read enough customer reviews that cover harness fit, as each manufacturer has different sizes for small to medium, and large cats.

  1. The Kitty Holster
    I learned the important lesson and bought my cat a Kitty Holster Cat Harness, based on recommendations from other buyers.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

The Kitty Holster is available in several colors and sizes, from very small to very large. (It is important to measure your cat before choosing a size.)

As you can see it’s pretty and well fitted and that’s how it should be. While cats tend to pull out of their harnesses when they resist them, the cat case makes this quite difficult, especially if it is properly fitted. There are two wide Velcroº closure strips; one at the neck and one in the middle. There are Kitty Holder attachment instructions on YouTube here.

I fancy the leash attaches to the center of the cat harness not the neck. It usually gives you control and doesn’t put strain on your cat’s neck.

  1. Pupteck Holster
    Pupteck has 2 cat harnesses: a holster harness and a webbing harness. The Pupteck holster harness is similar to the Kitty holster, closing at the neck and middle. I like the double D-ring that attaches to the leash. By the way, this Pupteck has a leash.

Pupteck cat harness

Pupteck Holster Style Harness

Pupteck claims their case is leak proof and most customers say their cats haven’t escaped, but like I said above there are always some that do, so you should always be on the lookout for signs of “ harness resistance ”. (Just consider being outside with your cat when a large dog approaches you.) As one customer said of the harness, “it’s fine for backyard cruising.” I don’t want you to be discouraged from going for a local walk with your cat; do first small steps.

Again, make sure your cat is following the measurements of the Pupteck you choose.

  1. Pupteck double strap cat harness
    Pupteck also makes an adjustable double strap cat harness that comes in purple, blue and back. The advantage of this harness is that the two straps are adjustable according to the proportions of your cat.

Pupteck Adjustable Strap Cat Harness

Pupteck Adjustable Strap Cat Harness

Even though this strap-on harness doesn’t look as secure as the wrap-around harnesses, it has received high marks from users.

  1. The Yizhi Miaow cat harness

Another popular cat harness is made by Yizhi Mia ow, a brand named after the white cat pictured below ….

Yizhi Miaow Adjustbale Kitten / Ferret Walking Jackets

Yizhi Miaow Adjustbale Kitten / Ferret Walking Jackets

The Yizhi Miaow Walking Jackets are definitely the most attractive cat harnesses I have seen. The pink vest above is also available in blue with white polka dots, as well as camouflage. The Yizhi Miaow seems to work small, according to customer reviews. Measure well and take into account the thickness of the cat’s fur. The harness comes with a matching leash.

  1. Niteangel Cat Harness
    Niteangel makes a respectable cat walking vest that doesn’t sell as widely, but is as highly rated as the others covered in this post. It is available in light blue color (below), red and purple.

Niteangel cat harness with leash

Niteangel cat harness with leash

The Niteangel cat harnesses seem to be a bit lighter than the others mentioned here, but the harness style is similar to them and it is reported to be safe. It comes in purple and light blue. Niteangel also manufactures a thin strap harness for cats or dogs under 12 pounds, which comes in a pack of two reflective harnesses.

Train your cat to wear and walk with a harness plus leash
The manufacturers of this cat harnesses offer good instructions for teaching your cat to wear a harness and how to keep it on a leash. The instructions are simple; your cat is not. You have to be very patient. If you want a boost on the instructions, I refer you to Dr. Karen Becker’s column on Walking Your Cat. If you take your time training your cat, both of you will be happier and your cat won’t end up like these guys:

Walk cats


It’s the buzz for today!

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